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You have the power to live the life you lust after without ditching everything and everyone you cherish. It’s possible to transform yourself from the inside out. It’s all about getting in touch with your own body first. And few people teach this to us. We don’t learn this in school. I love that Naomi Wolf is now talking about this vital life force energy in her best selling book “Vagina: A New Biography”.  I recommend reading it.

I learned by doing. By unearthing, harnessing and channeling sexual energy, a misunderstood but vital life force, I discovered how to love myself. I shed anxiety like water weight, stopped the judgmental chatter and found happiness reaching for my dreams. I was turned onto life. I was turned on by life. That’s what I’ll help you do — light your pilot light and turn your engine on.

As a somatic sex educator and long-time advocate,  (I founded The American Fertility Association),  I’ve developed  several unique coaching programs, each one designed to meet you where you are right now and help you get to where you want to be.

Step-by-step, I’ll explain how to tap and use your sexual energy to power:

  • Your creativity
  • Your professional life
  • All your relationships including the one with yourself
  • You, from the inside out
  • Your true pleasure centers
  • Your own spirituality
  • Your self-esteem
  • Your appreciation for your body just as it is, this minute!
  • Shifts in your relationship with dieting and food

Remember, sexual energy is clean, renewable and sustainable. All you have to do is stoke the fires! I’ll show you how to access the tools that you will need to make this happen:

  • Understand the “Goddess Array”- The set of behaviors you or your lover needs to arouse your female sympathetic nervous system (SNS)
  • Understand and access  your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to completely change your relationship with your sexual pleasure and emotional well being.
  • Understand the difference between arousal and orgasm
  • Create a “Pleasure Plan”
  • Learn embodiment techniques that you are able to do on your own
  • Learn the “Lotus Lift” Meditation – an arousal tool that can support you keeping your sensual energy working at optimal levels
  • Learn how to receive touch and give touch.
  • Understand what is meant by “surrender”.
  • Learn out to open more to sexual pleasure
  • Move through sexual shame
  • Explore your desires? Do you know them? Can you speak them?
  • Learn to to stop enduring and start enjoying sex.

One of the first most important steps is the easiest — decide that you want to change your relationship with your sexuality and your self image. Decide that you want more.

Shameless Sexuality For Women: “I want what she’s having!”

Maybe you’ve read my memoir Shameless, and you literally want what I was having. But you have no clue how to go about getting it. If you want to take that voyage – I will hold your hand every step of the way. You really don’t want to do this alone!

In our one-on-one sessions, I’ll help you explore your range of issues that affect your sexuality and help you find the solutions that work best for you. Anything and everything can be on the table: weight and self-image; depression, anxiety, midlife crises; low libido; sexual boredom; menopause-related sexuality changes; living single ;Living monogamous, sexual restlessness, orgasm, sexual curiosity, sexual fallout from infertility or other diseases or disabilities. Whatever is stopping you from accessing your erotic core to it’s fullest potential – that’s what we’ll tackle.

I’ll also provide you with a rich vein of resources. These include but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Hands on Practitioner referral
  • Workshops referrals
  • Books and videos that inform, inspire and excite
  • Access to the online gated Shameless community where there’s a community of seekers like you; a curated and developing library of educational videos by me and a handpicked team of sex educators and “sexperts.”

I’ll educate you about the different ways of looking at sex and desire that you may never have imagined but that may open your eyes and heart. Whether it’s “organic orgasms” or bibliotherapy, you’ll leave each session with new tools to liberate your erotic creature.

That’s what I’m here to do for you! Just scroll down to get your free 15 minute consultation and to register. You can rest assured that all inquiries and client lists are kept confidential.

BIGGER, BETTER, MORE — When You Love What You Have But Feel The Itch For Change.

Many people who come to me are powerhouses. They’re smart, successful and strong. Yet, they are at a point when everything that they have accomplished has that “been there, done that” quality. They don’t want to jettison what they’ve built, whether it’s family or a business but they’re twitching with the ache for something new. Perhaps it’s writing book, starting a new business or expanding the old one, opening a non-profit or running a marathon. These are individuals who are in the throes of transition and it can be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Rather than suppress those desires, I’m here to help give birth to them.

As a woman who has launched a nonprofit, written a book and successfully re-branded herself three times, I’ll give you the benefits of my real life knowledge. I’ll help you identify your desires and develop strategies with you to bring them to life. I’ll show you the ins-and-outs of social media, and how to effectively use blogging, Twitter, Facebook to build your brand and your tribe. You’ll learn how to step out of the claustrophobic boxes you may feel trapped in and live as big as you want, as big as you deserve. You’ll learn how to use your erotic core to fuel your dreams and make them real.

That’s what I’m here to do for you! Just scroll down to get your free 15 minute consultation and to register. You can rest assured that all inquiries and client lists are kept confidential.


Many men are lost when it comes to making their women want them after the first blush of romance fades. Years into a relationship, how many women yawn or worse turn away from their partner’s advances. More and more men are waking up to the fact that there’s something they can do about it. They actively want to become better lovers and partners. They want to rekindle the erotic fire in their wives and girlfriends. As one client said, “It’s simple, I want my wife back.” They just don’t know how.

This program gives you the lowdown on re-igniting her desire. I’ll teach you about a whole new approach to female sexuality, one that might surprise you. You’ll learn about the importance of taking the emphasis away from orgasm (yours and hers) for a little while and exploring the healing power of one-way touch. I’ll introduce you to something I call the “organic orgasm.” I’ll teach you how to make sex fun again for both of you.

You’ll learn how to talk to your partner about sex and discover what it is she truly desires. I’ll be your coach, available to review what worked, what didn’t and what other techniques and tools to try.

I am a certified somatic sex educator who has spent the last five years figuring out what makes women tick (me included) and I can tell you that women want to be turned on by their partners. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to flip that switch. And it’s not the obvious.

That’s what I’m here to do for you! Just scroll down to get your free 15 minute consultation and to register. You can rest assured that all inquiries and client lists are kept confidential.

Let’s talk. I can help you make this happen

We will have fun together! Coaching is usually done on the phone or through video Skype. Private retreats are available. Please email me and we will set up a time to have a free 15 minute conversation to see if we are a match! I try very hard to set up a consultation within days of your request. So reach out to or using the contact form below and we can get started

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